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Welcome to my Blog!


I hope you enjoy my blog, posts will include (but not limited to):

How to perform moon/intention rituals, how to make your own intention candles, how to use some of the products that I've created, as well as process videos so that you can see how I make the items that I sell. You will also find some posts on interesting hot topics, DIY projects, art tips, business tips, posts about essential oils and the reasons behind why you want to remove toxins and chemical fragrances from your home, and so much more! Thank you for being here! I hope you stick around a while! If you have any recommendations or requests for new blog content, please let me know, I would LOVE to hear from you! Click HERE to submit a contact form, I cannot wait to hear from you!

Oh and I almost forgot, feel free to sign up below to comment/ask questions/give feedback! All I ask is for kindness and respect, and I of course, always show kindness, respect, and gratitude in return!

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