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  • Can I pre-order an item that is currently out of stock?
    Yes! Of course you can! Just send me an email through our CONTACT FORM and I will be more than happy to make you or special order the product you are looking for! Some of our products are one of a kind, in that case we may not be able to obtain another one. Also, some of our candles are one of a kind as well, so the candle itself can be made but the vessel that holds it we may not be able to get another of! We also do custom orders! You can schedule a consultation to have a special order created just for you! Utilize the contact form above to request one!
  • What items can be custom ordered?
    I can customize most anything that we have here in the shop from custom jewelry, intention crystal jewelry, clay figurines, intention candles, moon rituals, spell rituals, crystal bags, custom home signs, room sprays, even marketing materials (I may be an artist, but one with a Master's in Marketing 😉…shh don't tell). Basically, if you can think of it we will do our best to make it for you! It's my greatest joy to have this site/business and have the ability to reach so many, near and far, and spread positivity with our art/crystals into the lives of all those we "meet". That being said, it would be my complete honor to customize something for you! Just send a message on my CONTACT FORM and be as specific as possible! I will often offer to contact you personally by phone to make sure we make exactly what you are looking for, catered just for you!
  • How do I know that payments are secure?
    Payments are most definitely secure! You will notice the little SSL that certifies that our payments are secure. You can make payments using PayPal or through the Wix Payment option, which is directly through Wix. I never see your credit card information, Wix or PayPal handles the entire transaction on their end and deposits payments to my Wix Account! I assure you, that your information is kept secure!
  • How long does it take an item to ship?
    We do our VERY BEST to have quick processing times. We try to make sure to keep most items in stock so that the items aren't being made to order. That being said, we make shipments twice a week, shipping out items on Monday and on Thursdays. If you need something to be shipped out sooner say for a special occasion etc. feel free to shoot us a message and we will do our best to comply. We appreciate your business and want to leave you a happy repeat customer for years to come!
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