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"Bye Bitch!" We love this design and these hookahs and know you will too! They make for a great smoke, come in so many different designs, and we can even customize one for you or a gift (see "Custom Order" Hookah). Scroll down for additional information.  Please read Disclaimer*

Bitch Be Gone (Tall Only)

  • To use it you simply fill it with ice and water. The water you want just above the stainless steel down stem making sure that it's submerge in water. Next add your preferred smokable material and then after a short pull on the silicone straw lift the glass bowl and inhale! If you forget to lift the bowl and continue to pull, you may burn through more than desired amounts of your smokeable material and fill the entire tumbler with smoke, resulting in a much bigger hit than you intended on. So, be sure to lift the bowl after you have pulled some on the silicone straw, to get that perfect cold inhale. Feel free to add more ice for a cooler smoke.

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